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  • Stage College of Accountancy (STAN) (1989)
  • Bachelor of Economics, University of Indonesia (1998)
  • Tax Brevet B Holder from Directorate General of Taxes
  • Tax Consultant License number SI-4535/PJ/2014 issued by the Directorate General of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia
Memberships / Directorships
  • Member of the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association number KEP-3988/PP.IKPI-B/XI/2014
  • Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN) at Jakarta – 1989
  • Faculty of Economics  University of Indonesia at Jakarta – 1998
Courses And Seminars
  • Many Internal Tax Courses at Directorate General of Taxes 
  • Tax Planning Courses at Lembaga Manajemen Formasi
  • Computer Programming Courses at Ministry of Finance of Indonesia
  • Deferred Tax Courses
  • IDEA Audit Software Courses
  • Partners Meeting and Seminar of Horwath International at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Supervisory Skills Training held by Prasetiya Mulya Business School
  • Intercompany transaction training held by DuPont in Singapore 
  • Presentation skills training
Work Experience
  • October 2014
    Founding Partner of QUEENA CONSULTING FIRM

    The main responsibilities are to delivering any tax & accounting advise to the clients and the other partners as well.

  • Jan.1, 2014 – September 30, 2014:

    GENERAL MANAGER FINANCE at Adyawinsa Group of Companies

    The main responsibilities are to manage all aspect of Finance excluding treasury, such as but not limited to Accounting, Tax, Budgeting and Reporting.

  • Dec. 15, 2008 – Dec. 31, 2013:

    Tax Manager at PT. SARI HUSADA (now PT. Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika)- a DANONE Company

    The main responsibilities are to manage the tax compliances and planning in the company. The other responsibilities are to build a better business practice in the company, giving any advice, delivering the tax and accounting knowledge to the others.

    Managing Transfer Pricing is a must in the Multi National Company, and it is including my responsibilities to ensure the validities and compliances of the Transfer Pricing practice in the company, and in the Danone Groupe.

  • 2007 – 2008, December 1:

    Corporate Tax Manager at PT. Bakrie & Brothers Tbk

    The responsibilities are to manage any tax matters in PT. Bakrie & Brothers Tbk and the subsidiaries, including but not limited to the following matters:

    • Managing the tax compliance of Bakrie & Brothers groups;
    • Preparing and managing the tax planning of the groups;
    • Monitoring, reviewing and managing all of tax related matters;
    • Managing and solving the tax case.
  • 2003-2007 

    Tax Supervisor at PT. DuPont Agricultural Products Indonesia and PT. DuPont Indonesia (all of DuPont Companies in Indonesia)

    • Manage and supervise the tax compliances at All of DuPont’s office in Indonesia
    • Manage and plan some tax refund cases, especially for VAT
    • Manage the tax audits
    • Manage the tax objection and appeals
    • Manage, coordinate and controlling the Intercompany transaction of DuPont especially in Indonesia
    • Manage, coordinate and controlling the Commission and Regional Billing related with DuPont in Indonesia
    • Preparing some tax planning of DuPont in Indonesia
    • Manage and solving the custom case/problem
    • 2002 – 2003:

    Tax Consultant Supervisor at Tax Consulting Firm Santoso Harsokusumo member of Howarth International

    • Manage and supervise a tax consultant team
    • Serve the clients for some tax assignment
    • Assist the clients in many tax audit cases, objections, and appeals
    • Preparing some tax opinion to the clients
    • Attending Partners Meeting of Howarth International at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    • 1996 – 2001:

    Tax Consultant Supervisor at Deloitte Touche Management and Tax Consulting Firm (Public Accounting Firm Hans Tuanakotta Mustofa)

    • Manage and supervise a tax consultant team
    • Lead the tax diagnostics team
    • Trainer for tax consultants and auditors of Deloitte Touche
    • Serve the clients for some tax assignment
    • Assist the clients in many tax audit cases, objections, and appeals
    • Preparing some tax opinion to the clients
    • 1993 – 1996:

    Programmer at Pusat Pengolahan Data dan Informasi Perpajakan of Directorate General of Taxes 

    • Prepare and Manage the Computer Programme for Tax Offices in Indonesia
    • Prepare and Manage the Computer Programme to support the Tax Audit Offices in Indonesia
    • Trainer for some of the Tax Audit Software Package in Indonesia
    • 1989 – 1993:

    Tax Auditor of Directorate General of Taxes in Jakarta

    Conducting the tax audit to the PMA Company in Indonesia

  • Having many experiences in taxation
  • Having good knowledge in taxation
  • Having a wide network with many tax officers and key persons in Directorate General of Taxes
  • Good analytical skill, especially in taxation and backed up with a strong background in accounting and finance
Job Objectives

As a Tax Manager, the job objectives are as follows:

  • Maintain the compliances of a Company with the tax laws in Indonesia
  • Manage and supervise a tax division in a company
  • Preparing a good tax planning
  • Manage the tax audits, objections, and appeals
  • Manage well the refund process
  • For a joint venture company, a tax manager should have an ability to prepare some global tax planning and deliver such good report to the shareholders
Job Output / Deliverables
  • Meet the timelines of reporting date
  • Maintain the tax compliances in the company
  • Preparing and giving the proper report and comply with the tax laws
  • Manage and prepare a proper tax planning for the company
  • Manage the audit process with the tax authorities, including in refund process
  • Assist and work with the other Managers and/or divisions to build integrated tax compliances in the company
  • Work rapidly to meet the directors needs and committed with the job
Job Competencies

The Tax Manager should have the following competencies:

  • Having a good analytical skill in taxation
  • Having a good an wide knowledge in taxation
  • Having wide networking with the tax authorities in Indonesia
  • Could deliver a good managerial tax report to the Board of Directors and shareholders 
  • Having a good managerial skills
  • Could be an advisor to the other managers or staffs and other division related to the tax matters
  • Develop the staffs and sharing the knowledges
  • Could be a good leader
  • Maintain teamwork with other divisions and/or managers
How To Search The Competencies
  • Learn more about taxation and accounting knowledge
  • Participating in many courses and seminars
  • Maintain a good relationship with the tax authorities and other tax experts in many firms
  • Manage and having a good relationship within the tax division’s staffs and other managers / staffs in the company
(Most significant achievements)
Deloitte Touche

PT. Pangan Sari Utama

I am proud can help PT. Pangan Sari Utama to give some opinions when they prepare such tax plannings for the company. For tax matters, they can minimize the risk and comply with the tax laws.
In other case, I also successfully give them the opinion for their case regarding Pajak Daerah. In this case, they have paid Value Added Tax which is comply with the tax regulations, but unfortunately the local government assessed them to pay Pajak Daerah also. I support them with the related regulations and some opinions regarding this matter. Finally, they can win this case.

PT. Tolan Tiga Indonesia

This is a big company in Medan with almost 13 sub-companies there. I can successfully develop this company to comply with the tax laws and assist them to manage the tax audit until the appeal process. And now, they have fully comply with the tax laws because in every tax audit they are never assessed with the big assessments without any “undertable money” the the tax authorities.

PT. Tokai Lippo Bank

I am proud can help them to face the tax audit, and finally they can finalize it with the minimal adjustments. I am also successfully to involve in their process to comply with the tax laws thru periodical tax review and preparing their tax report.

PT. Fajar Mas Murni

This is a big company in heavy equipment trading. I am proud could be a team leader in Tax Diagnostics process and giving many opinions to them for tax compliances. Thru the tax diagnostics, they can see what about their compliances in taxation.

PT. Aerowisata

I am proud can be a tax team leader in tax diagnostics of this company. This tax diagnostics can bring them to the fully compliances.

PT. Semen Gresik

I am successfully act as team leader in the tax diagnostics process for company restructuring process. I work with the auditors team and the client is very satisfied with our work.

Horwath International / KKP. Drs. Santoso Harsokusumo

PT. Heidelberg Indonesia

This is a big joint venture company in printing machine. I am successfully assist them in appeal process in the Tax Court and winning the case.

British International School

I am proud can involve in the tax audit process conducted by the Tax Office. I can manage this audit and giving some opinions to win this case.

  • PT. Aetra Air Tangerang
  • PT. Tolan Tiga Indonesia
  • PT. Pangan Sari Utama
  • PT. Aerowisata
  • PT. Semen Gresik
  • PT. Fajar Mas Murni
  • PT. Tokai Lippo Bank
  • PT. Hanil Tamara Bank
  • PT. Delphi (a General Motor’s company)
  • PT. Omron Manufacturing Indonesia
  • PT. Perjahl Leasing Indonesia
  • PT. Jasa Enersi Pratama Nusantara
  • PT. Garishindo Buana Finance Indonesia
  • PT. DIC Indonesia
  • PT. Japfa Osi Indonesia
  • APHI
  • British International School
  • PT. Dia Electro
  • PT. Heidelberg Indonesia
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